Casting marble (artificial stone)

Cast marble (artificial stone)
Polymer - a composition of natural materials, polyester resins, decorative of dressing (chips), gelcoats and auxiliary materials.
In the second polymer has a name - "artificial stone" because of its strength and external similarity. Polymer can simulate a variety of natural stones, creating all kinds of color and texture solutions
Compared with cement concrete, the polymer concrete has the following advantages:
•    light weight;
•    ease of assembly products of almost any configuration;
•    great tensile strength;
•    smaller fragility;
•    best deformability;
•    higher water resistance, frost resistance, resistance to abrasion;
•    High resistance to aggressive liquids and gases.
The main products of the polymer:
•    sills;
•    worktops (when connecting joint parts together almost not visible);
•    bar counters, reception;
•    countertops in cafes and restaurants (especially practical when operating on the street);
•    countertops for bathrooms and rooms with high humidity;
•    shelves of retail outlets;
•    Various interior elements.


Vacuum mixer for mixing polymer components - ensures the absence of a ready mix air bubbles: no visible eye, or microscopic, which is beneficial to the mechanical strength of the final products.