Our advantages

Enterprise  LLC "VICOTEX" works on the market of products from fiberglass since 1989.
   Fibreglass is among the most accessible and affordable composite materials, these materials with low specific weight, high strength and long life, have a wide range of applications. GRP has a very low thermal conductivity (less than a tree), the strength of steel, biological stability, moisture resistance and weatherability. GRP became inferior to the absolute values of tensile strength, but it is 3.5 times lighter than steel and on specific strength. In the manufacture of full-strength structural steel and fiberglass, fiberglass construction is several times lighter.

At the moment of fiberglass manufacture the following products: windows and other profiles, pools, water bowl and bathtubs, water rides and pedal boats, boats and canoes, fishing rods, payphone booths, body panels and body kits for cars and trucks, electric nonconductive ladders and rods work in dangerous proximity to the structures under stress, pylon, pipes, withstand great water pressure and not subject to corrosion, body solid rocket motor fuel (SRBs), housing small boats and more. Very convenient that fiberglass can produce any shape, color and thickness.

Chemical resistance and performance indicators fiberglass demonstrated successful use of a variety of composite products in hundreds of different chemical environments.
    Until recently GRP became mainly used in aircraft, shipbuilding and space technology. Widespread use of GRP restrained mainly because of the lack of industrial technology, which would establish a mass production of complex configuration profiles with the required dimensional accuracy. This problem was successfully solved with the creation of the pultrusion technology. There are many techniques to mass-produce fiberglass products of various configurations, such as: RTM, vacuum forming.