Supports for power lines

                                                                                                       Why Composites?

Given the many different types and methods of producing a composite profile pultrusion process enables the production of one of the most durable and most reliable products available today.
Our product range includes support outdoor lighting and catenary urban transport, traverses, Wi-Fi structure.
We believe that there is an undeniable need for a durable, economical, environmentally friendly support.
Composite bearings are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pillars of wood, steel and concrete is being used in the electric grid complex. Composite support, usually 1/3 of the weight of wood and 1/4 the weight of steel, making them an ideal solution to achieve installations in the desert and inaccessible places, thereby eliminating the need for heavy equipment. Our composite bearings are resistant to rot, rust, are not subject to damage by pests and woodpeckers. Composite bearings also require minimal maintenance.
The unique hollow design allows ground wires inside the support. All composite products contain a certain amount of ultraviolet inhibitor stabilizing elements and to prevent flowering, and other damage from exposure to sunlight. Necessary holes can be pre-drilled to customer specification at the factory or safely and easily drilled in the field, using carbide bit tip.
Our composites have demonstrated superior performance in extreme weather conditions and have been successfully tested to withstand heavy ice conditions and extreme wind conditions. Our composite support is significantly more durable than the wooden support and can easily be removed and disposed of safely at the end of their useful life.
Our supports are ideal for placing cellular, satellite and radio antennas, routers Wi-Fi. Patented hollow design supports, easily hide unsightly equipment than for clean urban landscapes. Removable top cover allows easy access into the support, providing unobtrusive protection for many equipment options, eliminating unattractive panels installed equipment is usually installed on the traditional pillars and structures.
Small size and light weight composite design allow easy access to remote in the backyard, in the wilderness or congested urban areas  the installation site without applying the special heavy machinery.