Fishplates insulating for the railway rails R65, R50

Enterprise LLC "VICOTEX" produces fishplates insulating for the railway rails R65 made by TУ У 25.2-01116130-004-2003 versions 3 and 5 (6 holes) and versions 4 and 6 (4 holes), and  fishplates insulating for the railway rails R50 made by TУ У 25.2-31236182-005-2004 version 3 (6 holes) and version 4 (4 holes).

  Sets of  fishplates insulating for the railway rails R-65 and R-50 rails are made on their own certified UkrSEPRO, manufacturing (manufacture certificate № UA 3.183.0401-13) and have certificates of conformity: UA 1.183.0224115-13 rails for R- 65 and UA 1.183.0224122-13 rails for R-50, issued by the Kharkiv Center of certification of rail transport to meet their technical requirements and standard OST 32.169-2000 "composite strip for isolating joints of rails." and safety standards VT CPU 095 -2001 "strip for insulating rail joints in composite materials and insulating joints with combined (metal-composite) plates. Safety standards, "about which there is a corresponding entry in the certificate.

  The structure of one set of fishplates insulating  is:

- fishplates insulating for the railway rails  - two pieces;

- end isolation - one piece;

- locking plate - four pieces.

  From the outside the pad has a special groove for retaining strap that allows the use of standard high-strength bolts butt M27x160 and M24x150 ГОСТ 11530-93 .

Our company has the capability to quickly and promptly make the necessary number of sets of pads.
LLC "VICOTEX" ensures timely shipment of their products.

The main consumers of these products are: Railway Turnout plants, mining and processing plants, subway construction and Subways.

Geography of deliveries of our products: Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Turkey.